"Turn Laundry DAY into.....
Speedwash Convenience and Quality (What's New?)
Paducah's NEWEST and BEST  High Tech Laundromat! Speedwash Laundromat  has
Extra Large Washers and Dryers to handle all of your washing needs. Easily Wash
your Bulky items like Comforters and Quilts!  Cut your wash time in half so you have
more time to do the things you enjoy!
Speedwash offers a Clean, Safe, Friendly environment with an attendant available
daily to assist you. We also offer convenient drop off service to help with your busy
lifestyle. Speedwash Laundromat is open to the public 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
for your convenience; with plenty of well lit parking to serve you.
Unique to Speedwash Lanudromat (Laundry X-Changer Card)
Speedwash Laundromat uses an ATM style Laundry X-Changer Card that can be
filled by your cash, credit or debt card. Simply insert the amount of money  you want
added to your Laundry Card into the Laundry X-Changer Machine. The machine will
then give you a Laundry Card with that amount loaded on it. This Laundry Card can be
used in any machine at Speedwash Laundromat! ( It's that simple!).
  1. 235 West Farthing, Mayfield, KY 42066
  2. 205 Pryor Street, Mayfield, KY 42066
  3. 203 West State Line, South Fulton, TN 38257
  4. 3201Irvin Cobb Drive, Paducah, KY 42003
  5. 2500 Park Avenue, Paducah, KY 42001 (Car Wash)
Speedwash Laundromat